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Functional design
steeped in tradition

Discover what makes GLOBAL Knives special and one of the most highly recommended brands by professional chefs around the world. The GLOBAL knife design is defined by its iconic signature dimpled pattern and perfectly balanced weight.

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Timeless designs

Crafted in the Japanese tradition of samurai swords since 1985, experience the pioneering innovation of our GLOBAL collection.

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There’s a Global knife for every task.

There's a GLOBAL knife
for every task

GLOBAL has a huge and versatile range of kitchen knives suited for unique or common tasks. Use our knife finder to discover the perfect knife that suits your needs.

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Ludo Lefebvre

Ludo Lefebvre

Celebrity chef, restaurateur, author and GLOBAL Ambassador

GLOBAL is very excited about teaming up with award-winning Chef Ludo whose innovative and extraordinary culinary work mirrors how GLOBAL approaches its knife production in Japan. Ludo is one-of-a-kind whose vision bridges the classic with an entirely unique perspective, levity and wit.

Meet Ludo

The story of Mr. GLOBAL

Mino Tsuchida

Affectionately called Mr. GLOBAL, Mino Tsuchida, is the face of the iconic GLOBAL cutlery range. His relentless drive and vision led to the excellence in quality that GLOBAL knives are known for today.

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Learn how to get the best out of your valuable investment over time.

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